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Ok, so I was invited, I joined.. and there's no one here. Should I post the short crapthing I wrote for kuro here as a get-starter..?

He thought himself far too clever to fall.

He knew this man, his butler, his demon.

And yet..

There he sat, mismatched eyes wide as the butler-who-was-not tore the life from a man who dared strike him.

He wondered if the truth was as real as the guise his servant wore, if what he knew was really..

"Just a dream, Young Master.. No, it was not real; I killed those men myself, remember..?"

Sometimes he wondered what was more a lie, the mask or the not-man himself..

"I'll never lie to you."

He wavered, at times almost, almost falling prey to self-damning belief in the illusion..

Atop the long staircase, a creature of evil brought forth beauty made sound, smiling his secret smile as two young people danced a lie on the floor below..

He swore that his soul was the only morsel he'd feed this decietful, cunning creature..

Those careless, cold eyes, unaffected by the slap to his death-pale cheek or the bleeding body of the man at their feet..

He wondered if the varied marks and scars upon his body were the proof of a lie, if every close scrape and allowed injury were reminders that the demon would not miss being commanded by a mere human..

"Aren't you safe now? I knew he would be your shield.."

No, there was no humanity in this being. And perhaps none in himself, either.

"Don't you have any real bullets?"

But in the absence of that, there was some small bit of faith..

"..As you said. You cannot end it here.."

And even, [dare he say?] trust..

Eyes closed, he listened to the rasp of steel and feathers, the rhythmic tap of measured, confident steps that spelled out certain death for a creature far less than Holy..

And he realized that somewhere, beneath the knowledge of what was real and not, there was more than the mark in his eye and the matching one on the other's hand that bound them..

"I brought this, for the long and boring journey."

For one instant, he allowed himself to hope, allowed himself to think that maybe, just maybe, there was even the smallest affection in a disguised and withered heart..

"Yes, My Lord."

And found only the darkness.



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